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A cleaner air conditioner coil cools better and saves you money. (sm)

Permatron PreVent (tm) Wrap Around Style Air Conditioner Filter

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Light Commercial Air Conditioning



AIR CONDITIONING, HEATING, & REFRIGERATION NEWS PAGE 30 AUGUST 22, 2011 http://digital.bnpmedia.com/publication/?i=78920
Letters From Our Readers

Designing AC Condenser Coils for the Real World

Has The NEWS ever considered doing a story on why condenser coils get dirty quickly?  I’ve been in the HVACR business for over 40 years now and never understood why manufacturers of condenser coils for commercial a/c units can never build a coil that is made for planet Earth and not for outer space.

Condenser coil fin spacing should be made just like they did on the older refrigeration units — anywhere between 8-12 fins per inch.

Any more than this and servicemen have to lug either the power washer on roofs or lift the heavy, bulky tanks of CO2 just to clean these coils, only to hope that they will stay clean for the rest of the summer, with dirt and cottonwood only making things worse.

When manufacturers are asked, they always say “They’re cheaper to make them this way,” never considering the serviceman out in the real world.

I hope this will get the attention of engineers to start making their coils higher, wider, or thicker and consider the serviceman out there, instead of only the engineering side.

To say it simply, “If you can’t see through the coils when they are clean, they shouldn’t be built”!

Jim Mazies
HVAC/R Building Engineer
The University of Chicago



Air Conditioning Cottonwood Seed Protection

Condenser Air Intake Cottonwood Air Filter Screens

PreVent Residential Filter

Air Conditioner Condenser Air Filter

Prevent Air Filter blocks cottonwood seeds from entering the air conditioning Condenser Coil.
Hail Guard protects the Air Conditioning Condenser Coil against Fin Damage from Hail and String Weed Eaters.




PREVENT AIR FILTER for Commercial Units

Model U -  1" Velcro is used for Indoor Air Filters


A 1 1/4" Vinyl Edge with Grommets and Stayput Fasteners are used for Outdoor Air Filters.

Model R Prevent Air Filters have a 1/4" Metal Air Frame Filter fit into "U" Channel Track


Residential / Light Commercial

1 - 20 Tons

BHC Polypropylene Media

"Electrostatic Media"

Maximum Size  60" Tall X up to 250" Long 




150 FPM 0.005" WG  /  225 FPM 0.01" WG  / 300 FPM 0.02" WG / 375 FPM 0.04" WG

Commercial Chillers

20 - 120 Tons

BHA Media for anything over 60" Tall & up to 250" Long  Commercial Chillers



9x9 1000 Denier Multi Polymer Coated Polyester Mesh


250 FPM 0.02" WG  /  375 FPM 0.04" WG  / 625 FPM 0.09" WG


Model U - 1/8" Thick Vinyl Flexible Frame & Model R - 1/4" Thick Frame Stainless Steel Metal

Model R  - 1/4" Frame Stainless Steel. Black Polypropylene Honeycomb Fabric Single and Double Layer


Jack Nut Fastener for Model U Air Filters

Quick Mount 3/8" Stayput Fastener holds the Model U Prevent Air Filter

Quick Mount 3/8" Stayput Fastener Open and Closed Position  with Stainless Steel Grommet

Quick Mount 3/8" Open Position

Quick Mount 3/8" Closed Position


Cotton Wood

Small Chiller Condenser Air Filter  12"  x 20"  x 1/4"   Stainless Steel Frame with Expanded Aluminum Metal and 1 layer BHC Polypropylene Media


Model U1 Custom Prevent Air Filter for a Large Chiller

60" x 150" BHC Polypropylene Fabric 

9000 Square Inches Air Filter

62 Square Feet Air Filter


A cleaner Air Conditioning Coil gives you better cooling, better air flow, better heat transfer, lower compressor pressures, and lower electric bill.

PreVent Light Commercial Air Cooled

A 10 ton air conditioning system can cool better and save about $618 per season with cleaner coil.

Millions of dollars and thousands of man hours are spent annually on HVACR system or sensitive equipment downtime, repair and maintenance. Failure to provide effective air intake protection to building or equipment fans, motors, heat exchangers and other process cooling systems adds up to a costly loss of productivity in safe and efficient system operations.

Permatron’s PreVent Equipment Protection Filters are made of permanent, washable polypropylene. A primary prefiltration defense, they help prevent the damage and extensive maintenance that large volumes of debris can cause. Custom sized to fit any air intake, PreVent is UV protected and stands up to extreme outdoor or indoor exposure, corrosive environments, high velocity air flow, as well as industrial cleaning and maintenance handling. Our simple solution to air intake filtration helps reduce operational and maintenance costs over a long useful life.
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Commercial Application

permatron-commercial-3.jpg (6852 bytes)

Grommets only on Commercial Application

permatron-commercial-1.jpg (7060 bytes)

Commercial Application

permatron-commercial-2.jpg (5473 bytes)

Commercial Application


Permatron PreVent Outdoor Air Filter

New AC Systems Air Conditioner Condenser Air Filter

Existing AC Systems Air Conditioner Condenser Air Filter


A Cleaner Air Conditioner Cools Better and Saves You Money. (sm)

Dirty Coils Reduce Heat Transfer and Increase Electricity Consumption.

Twice as much air must passes through the outdoor condenser coil.

Heat from inside the building plus the heat from the compressor must be transfered / released from the outdoor air conditioner.

Average Outdoor Air Flow through the AC Condenser Coil is 800 CFM / Ton AC

Average Indoor Air Flow through the AC Evaporator Coil is 400 CFM / Ton AC 


Moisture in the system and Freon R22 Chlorodifluoromethane  CHCLF2 break down under high temperature & pressure to form HCL Hydrochloric Acid (strong acid) and HF Hydrofluoric Acid.


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