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A cleaner air conditioner coil cools better and saves you money. (sm)

Permatron PreVent (tm) Wrap Around Style Air Conditioner Filter

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With a clean coil, 288 Million Cubic Feet of air passes through this 3 ton AC coil per cooling season.

PreVent Equipment Protection Filters for air intake protection. Custom sized filter that attaches easily to the outside air intake of chillers, condensers, cooling towers and air conditioning units to capture debris before it can enter the system and clog the fins/coils.

3 Ton AC Condenser Coil Clogged with Cottonwood Seeds.

cottonwood-seeds.jpg (33599 bytes)

2400CFM  | 150 FPM Air velocity  |  16 Sq Ft (WA2 Prevent Air Filter  30 x 100 square inches)  |  0.008"WG Air Flow Resistance

The air flow through a 3 ton condenser coil is 2400 Cubic Feet per Minute  (CFM).

The air flow through a 3 ton condenser for a 2000 hours air conditioning cooling season in Houston TX is 288 Million Cubic Feet.

With a clean coil, 288 Million Cubic Feet of air passes through this 3 ton AC coil per cooling season.


Outdoor Air Flow 800 CFM / Ton AC  Sensible Heat

Air Velocity FPM through the condenser coil 150 FPM   PreVent Air Filter Air Flow Resistance @ 150 FPM is ~0.008"WG


AIR CONDITIONING, HEATING, & REFRIGERATION NEWS PAGE 30 AUGUST 22, 2011 http://digital.bnpmedia.com/publication/?i=78920
Letters From Our Readers

Designing AC Condenser Coils for the Real World

Has The NEWS ever considered doing a story on why condenser coils get dirty quickly?  I’ve been in the HVACR business for over 40 years now and never understood why manufacturers of condenser coils for commercial a/c units can never build a coil that is made for planet Earth and not for outer space.

Condenser coil fin spacing should be made just like they did on the older refrigeration units — anywhere between 8-12 fins per inch.

Any more than this and servicemen have to lug either the power washer on roofs or lift the heavy, bulky tanks of CO2 just to clean these coils, only to hope that they will stay clean for the rest of the summer, with dirt and cottonwood only making things worse.

When manufacturers are asked, they always say “They’re cheaper to make them this way,” never considering the serviceman out in the real world.

I hope this will get the attention of engineers to start making their coils higher, wider, or thicker and consider the serviceman out there, instead of only the engineering side.

To say it simply, “If you can’t see through the coils when they are clean, they shouldn’t be built”!

Jim Mazies
HVAC/R Building Engineer
The University of Chicago


Air Conditioning Cottonwood Seed Protection

Condenser Air Intake Cottonwood Air Filter Screens

Your Dirty AC Condenser Coil Is Costing You Money
Does your air conditioning condenser coil look like this?

PreVent Residential Filter Prevent Air Filter blocks cottonwood seeds from entering the air conditioning Condenser Coil.


PreVent Residential Filter Permatron PreVent Residential Filter

PreVent Wrap Around Style Air Conditioner Filter Installation Brochure

Prevent Sales Brochure

Should be used with all High Efficiency Air Conditioning Equipment SEER 13


Permatron PreVent Commercial Filter and Hail Guard Air Conditioning Condenser Coil Fin Damage Protection

permatron-commercial-1.jpg (7060 bytes)

Commercial Application

permatron-commercial-2.jpg (5473 bytes)

Commercial Application


Model R1-Stainless Steel Frame with galvanized expanded metal and Polypropylene Media

AC & Refrigeration Equipment Hail Guard and Cottonwood Protection


UPS Shipping & Handling - UPS Ground Only 48 States
Up to $50..........$8.00 per Order
$50 to $100........$10.00 Per Order
Over $100..........$12.00 per Order


PreVent Wrap Around Style Air Conditioner Filter

Manufactured by Permatron Corporation

prevent-measurement.jpg (18169 bytes)

ac-condenser-1.jpg (24484 bytes)

Measure unit from the top to bottom for the height.

Measure around the fin surface for Length.

3D-POLY.JPG (71671 bytes)

PreVent's 3 Dimensional Polypropylene Honey Comb Weave has Lower Air Flow Resistance and the Electrostatic Charge Fabric Attracts Dust from the air.

closeup-insect-screen.jpg (25479 bytes)

Typical Window Insect Screen Fabric has Higher Air Flow Resistance.

Residential & Light Commercial

BHC Polypropylene Media

"Electrostatic Media"

Maximum Size  60" Tall X up to 250" Long 




100 FPM 0.005"WG  /  400 FPM 0.050"WG  / 600 FPM 0.090"WG

Commercial Chillers 20 tons & Up

BHA Media for Sizes Over 60" Tall & up to 250" Long  Commercial Chillers



9x9 1000 Denier Multi Polymer Coated Polyester Mesh


100 FPM 0.005"WG / 400 FPM 0.035"WG / 600 FPM 0.070"WG


Why Buy a PreVent Outdoor Air Conditioner Filter!

The outdoor air conditioner coil is exposed to unfiltered outdoor air and dirt.

A dirty air conditioner coil reduces the Air Conditioning System's ability to cool.

According to EPA research, 0.042 inch of dirt on an air conditioning coil can reduce its cooling efficiency by 21%.

A cleaner Air Conditioner Coil gives you better cooling, better air flow, better heat transfer, lower compressor temperature and pressures, and lower electric bill.

This PreVent Air Filter is designed to keep any outdoor air conditioner coil from clogging up with outdoor debris caused by construction dust, dryer lint, bugs, seeds, leaves and grass clippings.


PreVent Filter as a Grass Catcher!

Leaves inside the grille blocking air flow!

Cottonwood Tree Seeds

Cottonwood Tree

Cottonwood Tree seeds can clog the outdoor air conditioning condenser coil.

PreVent air filter Protects your air conditioning coil from getting clogged with cottonwood seeds.


From: Austin, TX
Region: Southwest
Topic: Native Trees
Title: Cottonwood seed clogging air conditioner in Austin TX

My husband and I recently moved into a rental house that has a very tall cottonwood tree in the backyard. It has been shedding its seeds all over our yard since the beginning of May and seems to still be going full speed. It looks like snow, but snow that clogs up our A/C unit. I would like to know how much longer it will probably be seeding (we are in south Austin, 78744) and if you have any suggestions for our landlord as to how we can save our A/C unit from being constantly clogged.

Use the Permatron Prevent Air filter for the air conditioner!

Populus deltoides (eastern cottonwood) is native to Travis County and its seeds have long been the bane of anyone living around it. In particular, those flying puffs of cotton are extremely allergenic. The cottonwood itself is not very popular, as it tends to drop big limbs, has large roots, and weak wood. It grows very fast, particularly in a moist area, and you can still see them coming up in creek beds in Texas. We found a website from Hortiscope Questions on Cottonwood that has all kinds of good information, including the name of a product thought to inhibit the cotton production. We were never able to find any information on how much longer the cottonwoods will be flying cotton in the Austin area, but the above-mentioned website said that it usually lasts about 4 weeks. Depending on where the tree is growing, of course, that will be earlier or later in the Spring than now.


UPS Shipping & Handling - UPS Ground Only 48 States
Up to $50..........$8.00 per Order
$50 to $100........$10.00 Per Order
Over $100..........$12.00 per Order


  3 Standard Sizes PreVent Wrap Around Air Filters Measure Your Coil Height and Length

You are Ordering from American Allergy Supply

Quantity 5 Year Warranty - UL Class 2 Air Filter

UV Protected Black Electrostatic
Wrap-Around Filter

Patented permanent/washable filter designed to protect any central air
conditioning unit.

No system modifications needed, filter simply wraps around the outside
of the air intake grill and is held in place across the rear of the unit by
3-20” bungee cords (included).



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Quantity 4 Pieces per Case

25" inches Height x 80" inches Length

PreVent  WA1-4

5 Year Warranty





Quantity 4 Pieces per Case

30" inches Height x 100" inches Length

PreVent WA2-4

5 Year Warranty





Quantity 4 Pieces per Case

38" inches Height x 110" inches Length

PreVent WA3-4

5 Year Warranty





Other Custom Sizes

Residential and Commercial

5 Year Warranty






Permatron PreVent Filter

Air Conditioning Contractors

Permatron Prevent Wrap Around Air Filter for the Outdoor Air Conditioner will cut down on the time needed to do each preventative maintenance visit because rinsing this air filter is a lot easier than cleaning the outdoor condenser coil.

wash-prevent-1.jpg (23882 bytes)

FINS.JPG (30415 bytes)

Fact - (1/23rd of an inch) 0.042 inches of dirt on an air conditioning coil can reduce it's efficiency by 21%.

prevent-bw-1.jpg (99072 bytes) Residential Application

Measure unit from the top to bottom for the height.

Measure length of the fin surface area.

height-length.jpg (25409 bytes)

prevent-bw-2.jpg (93709 bytes) Residential Application

The enclosed filter wraps around the outside of the air intake louvers or fins of your air conditioning unit. Make sure your equipment is clean first. Wrap the filter around the unit, aligning the top edge of the filter with the top of the air conditioning unit. If the filter is taller than your unit , excess filter should be folded under at the bottom.

prevent-bw-3.jpg (74538 bytes) Residential Application

The filter is held in place across the rear of the unit by bungee cords enclosed). Attach one each at the top, middle, and bottom of the air filter by hooking cord ends directly through the woven filter media. If the filter is longer than the circumference of your unit, excess filter may be folded under at the edges.

prevent-bw-4.jpg (60209 bytes) Residential Application

Maintenance and Cleaning -

Remove the filter from the unit and rinse clean with a garden hose.

Do not use any detergents or chemicals to clean this filter.

Shake off excess water and reinstall filter with bungee cord hooks.

new   Prevent U1 Media - Single Layer Fabric

"Electrostatic" Honeycomb Weave Polypropylene

Wrap-Around Style with Flexible "Vinyl Edge Binding".

ASHRAE AIR FILTER TEST Average Arrestance Efficiency 42%

Dust Holding Capacity 67 GRAMS

Initial Air Flow Resistance 0.02" WG @ 300 FPM

5 Year Warranty - Permanent - UV Resistant

US Patent 6,793,715
Manufactured by Permatron Corp.

PreVent is a registered trademark of Permatron Corp.

line-art-condenser.jpg (30972 bytes) COIL5.JPG (25907 bytes) Summer Time Electric Bill

For every dollar spent in the US on electricity, 50 cents goes to power the air conditioning and refrigeration units.

Preventing dirty coils

Saves Electricity

Click Here to Order Online Permatron DUST EATER Electrostatic Air Filter

Permatron DUSTEATER Electrostatic Air Filter

Dust Eater Comes in 25 Standard 1" inch Model Sizes.

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